We created our company out of passion for animals. Due to our long experience in the zoological industry, we are aware of the fact that properly balanced nutrition has a crucial influence on the health and well-being of your pet.

Therefore, while creating our food mixes we always remember that it is thanks to our products that your pet is healthy and strong. We care about freshness and quality of all ingredients that are used, and pack our food mixes in protective atmosphere in order to keep their unique taste and flavour.

When it comes to food mixes containing herbs which are too delicate for production processes, we pack them manually in order to retain their unique properties.

About Us

In order to avoid “boredom” in the diets of our rodents or birds we are constantly introducing new product lines for our Customers so that their beloved animals can enjoy wider range of products. We hope that thanks to all our efforts you will always be satisfied with Alegia products.