Products / Natural delights: rodent

Parsley stem

Parsley stem is a good source of iron, beta-carotene and vitamins B1, B2, C, it also contains a lot of amino acids. Cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract, it is recommended after antibiotic treatment to cleanse the body. It strengthens the digestive system, helps to maintain the good condition of the skin and fur of pet. Packed manually.

Packaging: 100g

Stem of fennel

Stem of fennel is rich in vitamins D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, H, contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, provitamin A, and a large amount of vitamin C. This plant has a calming effect, a positive effect on digestion of your pet. Packed manually.

Packaging: 80g.

Dried tomato

Dried tomatoes are the perfect snack for rodents and rabbits. Tomatoes reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and have cleansing and immunostimulant properties. Lycopene contained in dried tomatoes effectively combats free radicals. Packed manually.

Packaging: 40g.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose has antispasmodic and cleansing work. This fruity treat is a treasure trove of vitamin C. Increases the general resistance of the organism. It contains vitamin B1, B2, E, K and provitamin A, tannins and minerals (iron). Helps with indigestion, exhibit strengthening, purifying, antiviral and antispasmodic properties. Packed manually.

Packaging: 45g.

Crushed peas

Crushed peas is an excellent source of protein, fiber and minerals. In compressed form it is eagerly eaten by rodents and rabbits. Peas contains vitamins B, C and K. It is beneficial for sight of the rodents. Packed manually.

Packaging: 130g.

Mint leaf

Mint leaf has antispasmodic and disinfectant effect, stimulates appetite. Active compounds contained therein stimulate the production of digestive juices to facilitate food digestion. It increases appetite, removes abdominal distension. Active compounds of mint kill bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and the bile duct. Has a calming effect and contains vitamin C, A. Packed manually.

Packaging: 35g.

Ribwort plantain

Ribwort plantain contains vitamin C and the active compounds that increases the amount of secreted mucus in the bronchi and thin it, thus facilitating the purification of the respiratory tract. It increases secretion of gastric juices thus facilitating digestion. Ribwort plantain has anti-inflammatory, protecting, antibacterial properties, it is appreciated by rabbits. Packed manually.

Packaging: 100g

Field horsetail

Field horsetail regulates the digestive system, prevents the formation of stones in the urinary tract, improves metabolism and also due to the content of silicon compounds is important in regenerative processes, it affects a better wound healing and bone reconstruction. Active compounds contained in the silicon improve the condition of fur coat. It provides essential micronutrients. Packed manually.

Packaging: 70g.

Sow thistle

Sow thistle, commonly called dandelion is extremely delicious and healthy treat for rabbits and rodents. It contains organic acids and pectin. Is a plant rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D Sow thistle is a diuretic, along with urine harmful compounds are excreted from the body. He is adored by every rabbit.

Packaging: 50g ; 90g.

Nettle herb

Nettle herb acts as a diuretic and cleanses the body of harmful products of metabolism. This prevents small bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract. It is helpful in gastric problems and lowers blood sugar. Recommended in treatment of liver, respiratory diseases and stomach ulcers.

Packaging: 30g ; 70g.

Leaves of raspberry

Leaves of raspberry contain tannins, organic acids, minerals, mucilage and a large amount of vitamin C. Thanks to tannin content they have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. They have a beneficial effect on the health of your pet.

Packaging: 40g ; 90g.

Birch leaves

Birch leaves have a diuretic and bactericidal effect. Products of metabolism are removed from the body with the urine. Consumption of birch leaves disinfects the urinary tract. Birch leaves are recommended for the treatment of liver diseases caused by the use of harsh chemicals.

Packaging: 1000ml.

Oat herb

Oat herb is a plant rich in fiber and protein, with reduced fat content. Contains large amounts of provitamin A is a source of trace elements such as boron and iodine. Regulates digestion, stimulates the immune system and digestion, and improves skin and hair.

Packaging: 500ml.