Products / Delight: Rodent, rabbit

Dried potato

Dried potatoes contain few calories, but lots of vitamins, especially vitamin C and beta-carotene. They are rich in mineral elements, mainly potassium and phosphorus, and also trace amounts of magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, sodium, fluorine, iodine and sulfur.

Packaging: 200ml.

Dried carrots

Dried carrots contains pro-vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, D, H, E, K, PP. It has strengthening, nutrients, vitaminizing and cleansing properties. Carrot a very positive influence on the development of normal intestinal microflora by which regulates digestive disorders, exhibits anti-worm properties.

Packaging: 200ml.

Dried beetroot

Natural and healthy treat for your pet. Beets have a stimulating effect and increase body's immunity, they containbetanine, as well as rare trace elements such as lithium, strontium and rubidium.

Packaging: 200ml.

Dried apples

Natural and healthy treat for your pet. With fiber, vitamins and other biologically active substances apples are the elixir of health. Pectic substances of apples lower cholesterol and absorb adverse toxic substances, e.g. heavy metals. Apple regulates digestion stabilizes, the intestinal flora, facilitates sleep, increases resistance to stress, dissolves uric acid, reduces blood cholesterol levels, prevents the creation of cancer cells.

Packaging: 60g.

Dried bananas

Bananas provide carbohydrates in the favorably digestible form and do not strain digestive system. They are a rich source of potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, including FOS with favorably influence on bowel.

Packaging: 50g.

Teeth grinding sticks

Sticks are also very valuable addition diversifying your pet's diet. Appropriate hardness of sticks allows rodents to grind constantly regrowing incisors. Use as an additive diversifying the diet.

Packaging: 70g and 140g.

Biscuit mix

Biscuits for rodents are a great snack between meals. Specially balanced composition containing natural vitamin affects the health and fitness of your pet. Use as an additive diversifying the diet.

Packaging: 200ml.


Cocktail is a luxurious blend of oilseeds, vegetable, granules and chips. The rich composition will satisfy the most demanding pet. The content of natural vitamins will make your pet properly nourished.

Packaging: 500ml.

Teeth grinding dried crust

Dried crust grinding teeth are made of carefully selected vegetables, fruits and oil seeds containing natural vitamins and minerals. They help to constantly grind regrowing teeth of your pet. Use as an additive diversifying the diet.

Packaging: 200ml.

Multi-flavored rings

Multi-flavored rings thanks to its size and shape allow animals to grind the teeth and maintain normal oral hygiene. Use as an additive diversifying the diet.

Packaging: 500ml.

Granulate for rodents, rabbits

Specially selected granulate for rodents provides the necessary nutrients of your pet, while ensuring excellent fit, healthy fur and the energy needed for everyday activities.

Packaging: 1000ml.

3in1 delicacy for rodents

3in1 delicacy is specially formulated mix for rodents containing the best quality, specially selected dried vegetables, oilseeds, corn extruders and granules. This mixture is a rich source of vitamins, has a strengthening effect on the immunity of your pet, contains micro- and macronutrients.

Packaging: 450ml.